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BBQ party was passed.

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Crooked tongues BBQ party was very awesome.This is a very very big and most called the biggest sneaker event in Thailand that ever have yet,it’s a international first event in Thailand too ,huge tons of free Singha beers(they said about 4500 bottles) , free lobster, BBQ, Steak oh it’s super.
pretty coyotes made it fly high 55+ great musics from many djs thanks thanks . i feels very happy mak mak.
and just want to say thank you to all staffs ~ P’Poj,P’Jeed,P’Wehn and all CT staffs from England , hope this’s not the last event in Thailand na krub 🙂

u can get pics @



back to play FM , very stick to this

i played hard till 4am haha

wat da fuck on my side, many injured player (-_-)

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Written by winrt

August 22, 2007 at 3:15 am

Posted in Life, Sneakers

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