wealth is of the heart and mind. not the car !!!

happiness ways

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take a long holiday, after have a very supreme shit examination.

who said if we’re in university, we’ll happy. 😦

little bit worry about a midterm score . if my score too low  maybe a have to drop some subject.

if anything must happen , let’s it be ….

life in uni’ was great i’m lucky i have many good friends

always help each other , tutor me every subject

if i dont have them maybe i must have much more serious

so what i have to do on this long stay .

some mathematics tutorial

new sneakers

new more dope shirt jeans caps 🙂

spend lots of money to get happiness

very efficiency way 55+

thanks my very best new friend

Ice Touch Gift Key Boss New Kong Kopkap Jik Ao Waen Billy Golf

and my old friends too~ Kong Pao Kimpor Nim

we’ll face the world together

***ok this just for u all**

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Written by winrt

July 24, 2007 at 3:30 pm

Posted in Life

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